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.........The café that you were dining at is owned by an associate of mine. It is one of the many locations that we use all over the region in major tourist countries to ensnare our prey. When you four walked in, and when he saw you, he knew that you would be perfect for my needs. He took pictured of you with his cell phone and sent them to me. Within a few minutes, I sent him back a message telling him that I wanted you most definitely, and that was all that it took. The plan was in motion. All he had to do was wait for you to order the next round of beverages and put a single small pill of the sedative into the glass. It’s very strong, and it’s extremely quick. And you were soon out and easily able to be handled. The effects of the drug appear to those looking on as the victim being drunk. That’s the best thing about using it on you young Americans, especially males, you love to drink to excess, the make yourselves sick on drink and pass out. Your arrogance of superiority makes you think that you can do everything that you want with no consequence. This time you four will learn the harsh lesson that you are not the rulers of the world. You have paid the price for your complacency with your futures and your freedom.” Arash said as he moved around the room and inspected the four men carefully. He looked at Ronnie, especially close. He reached between the wrestler's legs and grabbed his manhood and gave it a squeeze. “Yes you will fetch a hefty price to be sure. I have many clients you are interested in males who are well endowed. Of course, I have many who would rather I remove this mass of flesh that you will never use again for your own pleasure. Those pay higher so I will have to contemplate which direction I will take your fate” with that Ronnie started to scram out from behind his gag, his eyes pleading, his face in panic. Arash spat in Ronnie's face and laughed. He turned back and once again looked at Luke.
“Please just let us go. We won’t say anything to anyone, just drop us across the border in Turkey and let us go. We can get to the consulate, and they can help us. We won’t mention you or this place please!” Luke pleaded.
“No…that is impossible, even if I were to have an uncharacteristic moment of compassion it would not be possible. The expense that I have spent to acquire you is something that I cannot afford to lose, and besides the traffic, route runs only one direction, into Iran not back out of it. NO I’m afraid this is a course that is set and cannot be changed. Besides I feel that you American scum are going to get exactly what you deserve. Now, I grow tired of this. I will take no more questions and will hear no more from you.” With a wave of his hand, the ball gag was returned to position in Luke's mouth despite the struggling of the Football jock. “The day grows short, soon I will have my men release you and feed you, but first we have a bit of business that we must attend to. From this moment forward you are not men. You are slaves, property. Therefore, you do not need to worry about things such as modesty.” Arash snapped his fingers, and his associates reached into their belts and brandished thing short knives. The boys all started to scream and thrash about as the Arab men moved closer to them. “I suggest that you not move too much, we would not want one of those very sharp razor-sharp blades to come in contact with your young delicate skin now would we. Scars tend to reduce the value of the merchandise, and I can’t have that”

The men started to use the knives to cut way the clothing of the four young men in their captivity. The blades were surgically sharp and made quick work of the thin fabric of the men’s clothing. They started with Cody. The knife cut through the white cotton t-shirt that he had on like a hot knife through butter. When the shredded fabric fell away from his body, it revealed a tight, smooth chest that was well developed. A pair of pink nipples topped his firm, toned chest. He was lightly tanned and had a thin treasure trail leading down from his navel to the inside of his pants. His belt was unbuckled, and his pants ripped open exposing his green and blue stripped boxers underneath. The pants were yanked down his legs to his ankles. His shoes were yanked off of his feet, and his pants followed. Next came off his socks and then the knife was used to cut his
boxers from his body. His brother clothes were cut and yanked away next. His blue button down short-sleeve shirt was cut from his shoulders, and his walking shorts were taken from him along with his loafers. .....As a side note, is worth a visit for dirt cheap premium rate calls in the UK - at just 15p per minute, anyway, back to the story..... He was not wearing socks. This left him in only his white boxer briefs. They soon met the same fate as the underpants his brother had been wearing, and they were sliced from his body by the knife of the man who was stripping him. As his clothes were taken from him and left in a shredded pile on the floor before him tears started to roll down his face. His brother stared at him as his body was exposed. Both twins now hung naked across from each other. Of course, they had seen each other nude on many times though their lives, but for the first time they looked at each other with shame and embarrassment.
The next young man to lose his clothes was Ronnie, the beefy, wrestling hunk from Texas. He was wearing a tank top and a pair of basketball shorts, which showed off his bullish build wonderfully. On his feet were a pair of white New Balance Cross trainers and a pair of white Nike low cut socks. His Tank top was the first thing to go, exposing his burley chest, which was comprised of thick slabs of hard muscle. His dad taught him how to lift weights and work out at a very early age. His father had been in the marines for 12 years and was a prime specimen of masculinity and knew that his son would be one as well. He taught him everything that he needed to now to build his body into a powerhouse. He got him into sports, as soon as he was old enough to wear a jockstrap. His dad knew that jockstrap was also gonna have a heavy burden to bear one day when puberty hit his son, and he was right. Impressive manhood had helped to turn his body to a rock hard, pussy wetting machine and in return that body served up a veritable buffet of hot wet snatch for those balls to dump their thick potent seed into. As Ronnie hung there though he had the terrible thought run through his head that is this guy was for real, and he was doomed to live life as a gay sex slave, possible even as a castrated eunuch, and that the days of him ramming his beer can thick 7 inch pussy buster into some tight, sweet hole and dump his nutt out might be over. The though made him sick to his stomach. He was in the prime of his life, in perfect physical shape and had his entire future ahead of him. Now he looked to possibly have that future being destroyed right before his eyes. His running shoes and socks were taken from him, and his basketball shorts pulled down his legs. He was wearing a pair of old fashioned, full-cut plain tighty-whities. The front of which were very well packed with the heavy bulge of his manhood. When the man stepped forward and raised the knife to his eyes, he started to scream through his gag, and tears started to flow out of his wide opened eyes.

The Arab man smiled and moved his hand down to the front of Ronnie's briefs and grab a hold of his bulge. Ronnie started to scream even louder, and the man locked eyes with him and lower the knife down toward his crotch. Ronnie was begging through his gag, his eyes pleading with the man who was before him, the man who held his future as well as his manhood in his hand. Suddenly, the man let go of Ronnie hefty equipment and pulled the waistband of the jocks tighty-whities away from his body. He slipped the knife under the waistband and with one swift downward slice of the blade, the thin white cotton fabric of the briefs parted. Another rapid swipe was all that it took to turn what had only
moments ago been the studs well fitted and well packed underwear into a shredded rag in the hand of the knife wielding Arab before him. The Arab man lifted the destroyed underpants up so that Ronnie could see them. The relief in the man’s eyes was obvious, but the fear was still real. His thick tube steak, its knob covered with a heavy foreskin, arched out over his large bull balls, which hugged up close to his body. His cock and balls were his pride; they were the pride of his gather too. From the very start, he knew that his son would be as impressively well-equipped as he was. He hoped that one day those balls would carry the family genes on to another generation. That hope looked to be in serious peril now. However, for the moment, they were still safe......

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